Crepes recipe😋😍



250 ml of milk

250 ml of water

200 grams of flour

4 eggs

1 pinch of salt

A little butter for spreading (much better than olive oil)


1.- We prepare all the ingredients. We start by beating the eggs a little in a bowl, without getting the typical foam, simply beat them a little2.- We incorporate the water and milk. We keep mixing.

2.- Add the water and milk. We keep mixing.

3.- Now it is time to add the sifted flour and salt. With the help of a sieve, put the flour in the bowl. Mix well with a whisk. If you want to do everything with a blender it also works well.

4.- In a non-stick frying pan, put a little butter. What I do, instead of pouring melted butter, stick a piece of cold butter on a fork and I always spread the pan before putting the dough.

5.- We spread and pour a little dough. We will turn it over once we see that it has bubbles and everything has changed color.

6.- With the help of your fingers, turn it over. We will leave it for about 30 seconds with the pan over low heat.

7.- To keep them warm we stack them and we can put the lid of the microwave on top of all the ones we just made.

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