Aztec Mole Cake Recipe

 Aztec Mole Cake Recipe

Its preparation consists of layers of corn tortilla, sauce, cheese and meat. There are many varieties and flavors, but this time we will teach you how to prepare a delicious Aztec mole cake.

The combination of flavors in this recipe is exquisite, so you will surely want to eat more than once, because no one can resist the delicious flavor of a mole poblano! Keep reading this recipe that we share in Free Recipes and discover how to make Aztec mole cake in an easy way in the oven. Without a doubt, this is a recipe worth sharing with your loved ones.

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Ingredients to make Aztec Mole Cake:

cold corn tortillas
2 cups of shredded chicken
1 cup of grated manchego cheese
2 cups of mole
50 grams of table chocolate
1 pinch of salt to taste
1 onion cut into slices
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How to make Aztec Mole Cake:

Before starting to make the Aztec mole cake, preheat the oven to 180 °C. Then, heat the mole in a pot. Try adding a few tablets of table chocolate to accentuate the flavor. We also encourage you to review our mole poblano recipe if you have any questions about its


Tip: you can use ready-to-serve packaged mole or as a paste.

With all the ingredients ready, begin to assemble the Aztec mole cake. First, in a refractory suitable for the oven, place a little of the mole sauce and immediately add a layer of tortillas.

Tip: the tortillas should be cold and a little hard so that they hold their shape when the sauce is added and baked.
Add a little sliced or filleted onion, shredded cooked chicken, Manchego cheese or any other that melts easily and pour a little more of the mole sauce. Repeat this layering process until you finish filling the refractory and cover the entire preparation with a good layer of cheese.

Trick: you can substitute the cheese for some other such as cotija, fresh, panela or others. You can also replace the chicken meat with pork or eliminate the meat and fill with more vegetables such as potatoes or chayote.

Cover the container with aluminum foil and bake the Aztec mole cake for 30 minutes. After 20 minutes, remove the foil during so that the cheese browns during the last 10 minutes. When it’s ready, let it cool down a bit in the oven.
And ready! Serve your Aztec mole cake with chicken as a side dish or as an appetizer. As you can see, it is delicious and requires little effort.

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