Lunch Recipes

Berinjela ao forno


2 large eggplants

200g of mussarela em fatias

1 sache of tomato mold

4 teeth of alho crushed

Salt, pepper of the kingdom, twelve paprika and oregano to taste

Preparation mode

Cut the berinjelas ao meio e em sequently faça vários no miolo cuts.

Season each band with salt, paprika, paprica, or something. It is necessary to spread this temperature very well between each cut so that it becomes more flavorful. Ajeite as berinjelas in a shape (you don’t need to spread) and lightly cook in a temperature of 200 degrees for about 35 minutes. To idea é that they fiquem bem macias tá bom?

Depois desse tempo throw as berinjelas do forno, place fatias of mussarela on top and then or tomato mould. Sprinkle with oregano and turn to the oven for about 15 minutes and soon.

Obs. Here it is customary to give a temperature to more than the saquinho tomato mould. Numa panela eu refogo alho and onion with a little butter, add or mould, and leave to cook for about 8 minutes.

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