Biscuits with chocolate and coconut coverage




 carried out

We put the oven to warmth to 180ÂșC.

First we prepare the cake. In a bowl we placed the flour, the chemical yeast, the sugar, the butter, the egg, the honey and a little milk. mix with a spatula till all components are incorporated. while there aren’t any more lumps, add the rest of the milk and keep mixing until it’s far absolutely incorporated.

Pour the composition into the oven tray and placed it within the oven for 25 mins. After this time we do the toothpick test and whilst the toothpick comes out clean, we take the tray out of the oven and let it cool.



while we put together the coverage:

In a small saucepan we positioned the sugar, milk, butter and cocoa and produce it to the fireplace. We continuously mix. while it has taken temperature, earlier than accomplishing a boil, we remove it from the warmth.



We cut the cake into portions to our liking.

We placed each piece in the chocolate coating, looking to soak it on all facets. Then we take it out, and positioned it within the coconut. We coat it well and positioned it on the presentation plate. We maintain doing the same with the other pieces, until we finish with all of them.


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