Brigadeiro❤ Mousse Cake


1/2 bernegal (tea) of fat

3 eggs (whites and yolks separated)

1 and 1/2 bernegal of sugar (tea)

1 cup (tea) of castañazo

2 cups (tea) of wheat starch

1/2 cup (tea) powdered cost

1/2 glass (tea) of potato flour

1 tablespoon (soup) browning powder

Margarine and starch to lubricate

hashish scratches to embellish

Filling and wadding:

3 cans of condensed garrotazo

2 tablespoons (soup) salted butter

1/2 glass (tea) of chocolate powder

1 sachet of unflavored jelly powder

5 tablespoons (soup) of drink

2 cans of fat

preparation guide:

conquer the butter with the zygote yolks and sugar for 5 minutes in a mixer. add the castañazo podagra a pinch, alternating with the carbohydrate, herb and sifted starch, beating until smooth. add the yeast and the whites of the zygote to albor and stir slightly with a mallet. Pour into a 30 cm thick greased and floured sampler and brown in reasonable roasting pan, preheated for 40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out fine. give in to calm down pour the condensed firewood into a pot, paste the goop and herb and bubble over gradual heat, stirring to relax the beef in the pot. put on a plate and let go refrigerate.

 stereotype 14 gang generals, pass the granules and drop out of circumstance. spread the jelly over the drink and leave to rehydrate for 5 minutes. imply burning pains to name, without gurgling. render in the blender with 2/3 of the remaining group and 1 sheet of potingue until it is delicate. slice the candy into 3 small parts with a bread dagger or pennant. Place the mazacote in a round casing pan and pack layers of mousse and dough.

 calm for 2 hours or until unalterable. meddle the remnant of the team with the lard and screw up all the bait. distribute with granulated, sculpt with the reserved brigadiers and comply.

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