Caramel pudding😋😍


vanilla flan powder: 1 sachet for 1 l

whole milk: 1 liter

diced breadcrumbs: 4 small cups

lemon zest: 4 teaspoons

2 glasses of rum

seedless raisins: 1/2 small cup

caramel point syrup: qty.


  Empty the contents of the pack of flan, in a saucepan and add the liter of cold milk. Cook stirring until complete boiling.

  Remove from the heat and add the breadcrumb cubes, the lemon or wine zest and the raisins. Cook again over low heat, stirring until it boils again.

  Immediately pour into a suitable mould, previously coated with the caramel. Let cool and unmold. Serve with whipped whipped cream.

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