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Delicious frango coxa 🍗

Bom, let’s go for recipe 👉

Deixei 1kg of coxa de molho with water and lime, remove the excess fat and peel. After soaking and drying with a paper towel.


Dai temperei with: alho socado with salt, oil, thyme, tempero Ana Maria, colorau, tempero misto and oregano! Deixei tempered from ontem. At the time of roasting, cut some sweet potatoes in rodelas, passei nesse same temperature and forrei or fundo do tabuleiro. Dei uma esticada na pele do frango to make no whim and place the sweet potatoes on top.


Levei ao oven without aluminum foil, for about 1:20h at 230°. But this tempo can vary according to its format, for isso tem que ficar de olho.

OBS: That we don’t have color, you can temper or frango normally, at the time of grilling mix tomato and mayonnaise mold (1 tablespoon of each soup), and leva pra grill, that your frango will be just as nice!

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