Lunch Recipes



200 g of bacalhau
2 large sweet potatoes
1 censure
fresh herbs to taste
1 red pepper in roundels
1 medium onion in rounds
1 tooth of something small em fatias
cheiro-verde to taste
15 quail sheep
oil to taste
vinegar to taste
oregano to taste
salt to taste


Place the bacalhau de molho de uma dia for another to throw or salt.
I cook the sweet potatoes and the dinners in roundels, I also cook the fresh herbs and the quail sheep.
Remove the water from the bacalhau, defie bem and lightly refogue with a colher de azeite.
Sauté lightly or paprika, onion and or something.
Monte numa travessa in following order: first to sweet potato, then to cenoura, or paprika, or bacalhau, to onion and or alho.
Arrange the ervilha and decorate it like the split sheep ao meio e o cheiro-verde a vontade.
Faça um tempero with vinegar, salt, oregano and a little oil and spread evenly over the salt and let it rest.

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