Easy Milk buns recipe


Butter, 125g

warm milk, two hundred cc

Yeast, 25g

sugar, 120g

Eggs, 2

Vanilla essence, to flavor

Flour, 600g


In a microwave-secure bowl, vicinity the ointment butter and milk. heat for a few seconds till melted.

include the yeast, powdered or sparkling, breaking it down formerly.

let the yeast ferment (if using clean) for a couple of minutes.

add the eggs, sugar and beat to the dough. fragrance with vanilla.

contain the flour, previously sifted, in two batches. Knead for three mins, operating the dough nicely, if you want to be pretty sticky.

Grease a massive bowl, place the dough, cover with movie and permit upward thrust in a warm vicinity.

while the dough doubles its volume (if it’s miles cold it could take an hour or two), vicinity on a floured surface, stretch and take away the air.

reduce portions of dough, make buns and vicinity on a baking tray, barely separated from every other. The dough has a tendency to stick collectively, so a good alternative is to assist yourself with a little oil to work it. permit rise again, about forty minutes, blanketed with a towel.

Bake for approximately 10 mins, in a preheated oven at medium temperature, about 180 ÂșC.

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