200 grams fat butter (soft at animation temperature)
120 grams glucose
280 grams of wheat starch
1 teaspoon emanation of vanilla


1.- In a bowl we begin by mixing the butter with the glucose. Remember that the butter must remain at a normal temperature to be able to break your back properly with it. We mix very well.
2.- Once the match is on, we add the teaspoon of vanilla fragrance.
3.- We continue with the sieved albumen. Pass the albumen through a strainer before adding it to the bowl. We mix very acceptably.
4.- Now it’s a trifle to give them shape. The most decipherable is to record a roll as you can see below with the cling film staff and put it in the freezer for approximately 1 hour. To cut from there, what we will do is “cut slices” of about 1 cm and bake them.
5.- We put them in an oven wagon cut and bake them at 180ยบ for about 11-12 minutes. As soon as we see that the edges begin to chrome, we remove them. If you see that they are soft, do not leave them anymore because I once made that mistake, when they cool down they harden.

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