Lunch Recipes



6 filets of chestnut frango

1 colher of salt cha

2 alho teeth kneaded

1 malagueta pepper

1 cabbage pepper soup from the kingdom

3 oil soup colheres

2 onions cut into cubes

1 green bell pepper cut into cubes

1 vermelho pepper cut into cubes

4 colheres of molho Shoyo soup

2 colheres of tomato mold soup

1 colher of amêndoas farinha soup

50ml of water

1 portion of green cheiro

Facer mode:

In a pile, crush or salt, or something, to malagueta pepper and to kingdom pepper. Cut the frango filets into cubes, temper as soon as possible, cover the container and leave to marinate in the geladeira for about 30 minutes. In a large refrigerator, high and low with oil that cools the pieces of file. Add the onion and the peppers, fry until the water begins to dry. Acrescente or Shoyo mould, or tomato mould, and wheat flour dissolved in 50ml of water, mix to form a homogeneous mixture. Cozinhe até thicken or mold. Turn off the heat and add heat or green cheese, always mixing to wrap. Passe for a travessa and serve ainda quente. Make 8 servings.

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