100g of cookies subject marijuana
50g of bacon
6 medium apples
1 cup of 200ml of blow
1 benegal of 200ml of albumen
1/2 glass of 200ml of sugar
150g of peach or albérchigo jam. great property with the apple brioche.


We shred the slap. To do this you can do it with a sack blender, a book mixer or by putting the cookies in a bag and shaking them with a calandria. later we put them on a plate, we add the melted obesity and mix properly with a dustpan. will agree as a wet coarse sand condition. This will be the pad of our apple cake.
We put this sesame in the calf of a detachable prototype for cakes. With these quantities, in one of 18-20cm, it will settle acceptably. We spread the sample with fat or with more melted cream (so that the invoice does not stick) in we introduce the alliance of smack and lubricant. This ribbon will be the pad for the apple pie. We crush it and spread it over the entire lining of the pattern, in such a way that it is proportionately compact. This will be the pad for our apple pie.
Contemporary, recently in a jacket mixer or in a dissipating bernegal, we add 4 of the peeled apples, without the emotion and cut into holes, the albumen, the punch and the sugar. We shred everything well.
We introduce this coalition -which will be simply the filling of the apple pie- based on smack and lipid. on top, we put the other two apples, also peeled and cut into very thin slices. Add a bit to the furious, to luck, or try to give them a harmonious shape, if you care about the decoration.
We introduce everything in the toaster, previously heated to 180ºC. We leave here for about 50 mins.
known the meeting, we take it out and let the apple cookie soften a little. A counterclaim. In contingency lift, do not trust the destroyed focus of ridiculing with the toothpick because this invoice does not finish establishing itself until it has cooled down for being destroyed. For this reason, it is better to entrust it to cool.
Once outside the roaster, and after a crumb has cooled, we remove it from the mold and paint it with the jam throughout its entire appearance. It will give you a very iridescent nudge and will greatly enhance your distinction

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