2 eggs
2 tablespoons of oil
1½ cups of water
1½ cups flour
Caramel sauce


1.The first thing you should do is mix all the ingredients that are wet, such as: eggs, water and oil.
2.Once the wet ingredients are well mixed, you must proceed to add the dry ingredients; in this case: flour. The best way to integrate it well is using a blender, or a hand mixer, so that lumps do not form in the mixture.
3. Now you must heat the pan over medium heat and grease the surface of it.
4.Continue placing the mixture and spreading it well throughout the pan; the preparation time will be 1 minute on one side; also, you must turn it over, letting it cook on the opposite side for at least 20 more seconds.
5.Then, remove the pancake and continue with the rest of the mixture.
When all the pancakes are cold, you just have to spread them with the dulce de leche and then finish rolling them up; in this way, thin and very rich dulce de leche pancakes are prepared.

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