Italian Tiramisu Recipe




4 tempered eggs

100 g icing sugar

500 gr tempered mascarpone cheese (Galbani)

1 tablespoon of rum


2 cups of black coffee

16 sponge cakes (Fontaneda)



Prepare two cups of black coffee and pour it into a deep plate. You let it cool.


Put four yolks in a bowl and four egg whites in another bowl.

Beat the yolks and half the icing sugar with a wire whisk until foamy and the sugar dissolves well.

With clean and dry rods, start whipping the egg whites in the other bowl. When they are about to snow add little by little the other half of the icing sugar so that it is absorbed.

Add the mascarpone cheese to the yolks and mix it with the mixer at low speed.

Now add little by little, with a spatula, the meringue to the mixture of the yolks and the mascarpone, and you are stirring with encircling movements. Once everything is integrated, add a tablespoon of rum and continue stirring with enveloping movements.


Now moisten the ladyfingers at the bottom and place them in a bowl.


Once you have the entire base covered, pour the cream and distribute it evenly with the spatula.

Store it in the fridge with cling film and let it rest overnight. I recommend making the tiramisu a day in advance.

When you are going to eat it, sprinkle the cocoa over the tiramisu with a strainer. Et voilĂ  you already have the tiramisu ready to enjoy!

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