milk cake

 elements for Milk Cake:

mold 20 x 12 cm

1 liter of entire milk

2 hundred ml whipping cream or heavy cream

350 ml condensed milk

a hundred and ten g of cornstarch (cornstarch)


To enhance: 2 pieces of dark and white chocolate

how to put together the Milk Cake:

In a saucepan, placed 1 liter of complete milk, 2 hundred ml whipping cream or heavy cream, 350 ml of condensed milk and a hundred and ten g of corn starch (cornstarch).

deliver the pan to the heat and stir now and again.

as soon as it begins to boil, cook for 2 minutes without preventing stirring.

turn off the warmth and add the vanilla essence. We remove properly.

To make it simpler to unmold later, first moisten the mildew (20×12 cm) with a touch water, discard the extra water and pour within the milk mixture. We cover with plastic wrap on touch.

save in the refrigerator for a minimum of four hours. After this time, cast off from the refrigerator and unmold.

enhance through grating white and darkish chocolate

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