No bake rolls

 easy Chocolate Mousse Cake components: 

Evaporated Milk- 370 ml (1.five cup)

Cream or Whipping Cream- 250 ml All motive

White Sugar- half of cup 

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder + more for dusting- 3 tbsp 

Cornstarch- 3 tbsp

Chocolate Drops or Darl Chocolate- three/4 Cup 


to begin with, combine all components besides chocolate drops, combo well. pressure to remove lumps and cook dinner till smooth boil.2d… add chocolate drops or darkish chocolate. maintain cooking till clean and thick.Pour in a 7″x three″ loaf pan covered with baking paper.Cool for little while and loosen up 6 hours or over night time.put off from the mould and dirt with right first rate cocoa powder.Slice the usage of a warm knife and serve! its ready guys.

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