PÃO MULTIGRÃOS Without gluten and without lactose



100ml of morna water (tolerable to the touch)

1 colher (soup) of dry biological ferment

2 tablespoons (soup) demerara sugar


Dissolve the ferment and the sugar in the brown water, let it rest until it forms a foam.

Approximately 5 min. (Book)


2 eggs (small)

2 colheres (soup) of extra virgin olive oil

3 xícaras of multipurpose farinha mix (rice farinha, sweet potato starch, cassava starch and stabilizers) I found in the store 👉🏼 @ingredientesonline

2 colheres (soup) of farinha de linhaça dourada

1 colher of (coffee) xanthan gum or CMC

1 colher(chá) of maçã vinegar

1 and 1/2 of (chá) of salt


Nozes, amêndoas, amendoim, gergelim,

chia, sunflower seed


Mix the dry ingredients (except the grains), make a stove in the center and add the eggs, oil, vinegar and fermentation water, mix well with the help of a colher de pau, when you don’t put the hand in the dough while stirring well .

It is specified, it adds more farinha, objective and a malleable mass.

Sove até a massa degrudar totally das mãos, os grãos acrescenta a massa e misture bem, enrol a massa noforma que dejar.

Let rest 30 minutes.

Depois arrume em uma assadeira and gem brush on top and add more grains to be desired.

Roast for 30 minutes in a 180 graus oven. (Forno já pré aquecido)

I like to place an assadeira with water in the lower grade of the oven to steam and assim or bake with a crispy shell.

After 15 minutes remove this assadeira with water and deixe or golden bread.

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