Lunch Recipes


Ingredients ๐Ÿ“

3 medium potatoes

5 eggs

half of onion

four slices of york ham

eight slices of cheese, sandwich type


Olive oil

How to prepare ๐Ÿ“

In a skillet over medium warmth, upload a very good splash of oil. Then add the nicely peeled and chopped potatoes and the onion reduce into large pieces. add a pinch of salt and permit the whole thing cook dinner, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon, for approximately 10 mins

After the time, we crush the potato with the spoon. they may be smooth through now so it shouldn’t be hard to do. allow cook dinner for five extra mins while crushing regularly, until we’ve received a form of very stable mashed potato.

We maintain with the instruction of our ham and cheese tortilla. In a bowl positioned the eggs. add a pinch of salt and beat nicely. Then upload the mashed potato and onion and blend until a homogeneous mass is received.

positioned a small splash of olive oil in a smaller and deeper frying pan, over pretty slight warmness. area approximately 1/three of the potato and egg mixture on pinnacle. With the spoon we spread it over the complete floor of the pan and on top, we vicinity four slices of cheese, four slices of york ham and subsequently some other 4 slices of cheese. in case you need you can add the same quantity of cheese as ham. Or more ham than cheese. That already, for your liking. On top we vicinity the relaxation of the potato and egg and with the spoon we unfold it in this type of way that the floor is well prepared. If a little little bit of the filling appears, nothing occurs. cook over slight heat for 5 minutes

With the help of a plate, we turn our ham and cheese tortilla and placed the opposite side inside the pan. As quickly as we do it, we pass the wood spoon round the edges of the tortilla, in this kind of way that we โ€œpick out it upโ€ a bit with it. on this manner, we can acquire a rounder and extra appealing form. We cook another five mins.

ultimately, we take it out of the pan with the help of the plate. it is equipped!

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