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roasted frango sobrecoxas with onion cream

 Ingredients for the recipe of roasted frango sobrecoxas with onion cream

600 grams of frango sobrecoxa (4 pieces)

1 box of Creme de Leite

1 packet of Onion Creme

Preparation mode

In separate containers, place 1 caixinha of Creme de Leite and or 1 packet of Creme de Cebola.

Passe os frangos no Creme de Leite and then no Creme de Onion

Distribute the frangos in an assadeira spread with oil.

Cover with aluminum foil and lightly roast in a pre-heated medium oven at 180°C, for approximately 40 minutes.

Remove the aluminum foil, increase the temperature of the oven (220 degrees) and return to the oven for more 20 minutes or until browned.

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