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Salad of Grão de bico Tasty 😋🤤

INGREDIENTS (4 portions):

• 1 can (400g) of grao de bico, rinsed and drained.

• 2 xícaras of chopped cucumber (about 2/3 of 1 meio).

• 1 1/4 minced tomato xícara (about 2).

• 1/4 minced onion xícara.

• 3 colheres of minced sauce soup.

• 1/4 xícara of olive oil.

• 2 colheres of suco de limão soup.

• 1 1/2 colher of minced alho chá.

• 1 colher de chá de tempero Italian or another of your preference.

• Salt and pepper from the kingdom to taste



1. Place the grain of bico, or cucumber, or tomato, onion and sauce in a tigela.

2. Place the oil, place the lemon juice, or alcohol, or Italian tempera and tempere with salt and pepper to taste.

3. Clearing or mold on a mistura na tigela. Mix to coat evenly and temper with more salt to taste, if necessary. Salt will taste good for a few days, but, in terms of texture, it is better to eat for a few hours.


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