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Spaghetti With Shrimp Cream 🍕🍕

Spaghetti With Shrimp Cream 


1 can of evaporated milk, look for the brand of your choice.

¼ teaspoon of garlic powder.

1 cube of chicken consommé.

1 package of spaghetti pasta, it must be cooked and drained, the measure would be more or less than 200 grams.

1 tablespoon of corn oil.

½ cup of water.

250 grams of shrimp, obviously they must be cooked, without heads and peeled.

1 package of cream cheese, which would be more or less 190 grams. The cheese must be fresh.


Step 1

Take the tablespoon of corn oil and pour it into the pan, then add the 250 grams of shrimp to fry them.

Step 2

Look for the blender and add the package of cream cheese, make sure it includes 190 grams, to this mixture you must also add the can of evaporated milk, the cube of chicken broth, the garlic powder and the cup of water. This mixture will be the sauce with which you will bathe the pasta, that is to say, it is a vital step to prepare spaghetti with shrimp in cream.

Step 3

You must find a pan and place the spaghetti, obviously it must be cooked and drained, try to add the 200 grams of pasta. After that, add the shrimp that have been fried previously, finally, take the sauce and add it.

Step 4

It is important that you cook and mix for five minutes. He proceeds to serve.

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