Sponge cake with corn flour


 one hundred grams of softened unsalted butter

two hundred grams of sugar (1 cup)

4 eggs M

1 dessert spoon of liquid vanilla
1 dessert spoon of lemon zest

50 milliliters of milk

200 grams of corn flour or cornstarch

2 dessert spoons of chemical yeast

the way to make sponge cake with corn flour:
first of all the recipe for sponge cake with cornmeal, first add the softened butter collectively with the sugar in a bowl, beat with guide or electric whisks.
add the eggs one after the other beating between each addition.
add the liquid vanilla and lemon zest. Then stir to integrate.
upload the milk and blend until you get a easy and homogeneous dough.
in the end, mix the chemical yeast with the first-rate corn flour or cornstarch and sift over the egg mass, flour, butter and milk. mix properly so there are not any lumps.
Preheat the oven to 180ºC and then grease a spherical mildew of approximately 20 cm in diameter. Grease the mould nicely so that the cake does no longer stick. in case you desire, you may grease it with a touch melted butter and sprinkle with corn flour, disposing of the extra so that there is a thin movie of butter with flour. Then, pour inside the cake batter and prepare dinner at a hundred and eightyºC with heat up and down for 20 mins or till whilst you pierce the cake with a toothpick, it comes out with no batter left.
Unmold carefully, as it is a totally tender cake.
while the cake with corn flour is cold, serve it. Freezing is authorized, despite the fact that it is so wealthy that virtually there can be nothing left for the following day. if you dare to make it at home, inform us about it and send us a photo with the result.

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