Vanilla Mini Cake


4 or eggs.

120 g sugar.

15 ml vanilla essence.

120 g flour 0000.

25 g corn starch.

5 baking powder.

3 gr salt.

50 ml milk.

50 g butter.


200 ml cream of milk.

15 ml vanilla essence.

20 g sugar.


Beat the eggs, along with the sugar and vanilla essence until doubled in volume. (point letter).

Melt the butter and mix with the milk. Integrate on the edge of the container so as not to lower the shake.

Sift the dry ones; flour, baking powder, corn starch and salt. Integrate twice with encircling movements.

Fill the molds up to 3/4 parts previously buttered and floured, rested cold 10′. * The largest cans with 140 gr and the smallest 75 gr.

Bake 15′ to 18′ approximately at 180ยบC.

Let cool.

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